A few of the Claims:
Said to be haunted by a gentleman named Arthur, a friendly man who stayed in room 22. He was said to place a chair at the end of the hall on
the 2nd floor and enjoy the scenery outside while smoking his cigars.

Some say they get a whiff of his cigars when visiting the hotel. Others claim when they stand or sit at the location at the end of the hallway
where Arthur would sit, they can sense him and even feel tapping on their shoulders.

Other claims are of an apparition seen at the end of the hallway on the first floor
(hallway pictured below).
Haunted Hallway
Haunted Hallway
Brief History:
Cassadaga Hotel is located in the heart of Cassadaga, FL.

Cassadaga was founded by George Colby who was lead there through the
wilderness by his Spirit Guides to start the Spiritualist Camp.

The original building was constructed in the 1800s and destroyed by a fire in 1926. It
was then rebuilt and re-opened in 1928 and continues to be used as the
accommodations for visitors interested in the spiritualist camp and resident
psychics, be it a skeptic or believer.
Team Personal experiences:
During our investigation and while downstairs in the Main Lobby, I saw a shadow of what looked to be a person walking into the restaurant.
Problem was, the restaurant was closed but that didn't stop whatever walked to it or through it. Unfortunately, my camera was aimed the
opposite direction and I am forced to brush it off as just a personal experience.

In the Main Lobby stands a beautiful piano
(pictured below). At this particular location and surrounding the piano are extremely high EMF
(ElectroMagnetic Fields). We looked for the source of the high EMF but could not locate it. It seemed to have been coming from the piano
itself. When we placed the KII Meter on top of the piano, it sky rocketed continuously. There is nothing electrical about the piano and EMF
was not detected on the floor surface under the Piano. Is this proof, NO, but it is interesting. Makes me wonder who previously owned that
piano and if something is attached to it.

In the Hallway spoken about in the "Claims" section, there is a sense of something. As we walked into this hallway several members felt an
almost thickness in the air. Digna personally felt pressure on her head, as if being squeezed. Not a good feeling.
As far as evidence goes, we couldn't get anything on audio or video. With only our personal experiences we came out of this investigation
empty handed.

Is the Cassadaga Hotel haunted...maybe. "Feels" like it is. With no hard proof, we can not say it definitely is.

It was a great investigation and we thank the staff for allowing us access.
Haunted Piano